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April 13, 2021

Why a Sole Recruiting Partner is Best for Business

Spreading out the recruitment workload does not necessarily lend a competitive edge – in fact, it might even be damaging to your staffing strategy. Here’s why:

Access to Candidates

When it comes to a recruitment strategy, many people think that having fingers in a lot of pies means having access to more great candidates. This is a myth! Several mediocre firms will likely be looking at the same pool of talent – and a limited one at that. Often, some of the best candidates are passive ones that don’t necessarily post on job sites or register with recruiting firms.

A single, strong, credible recruiting firm will know how to access a pool of talent that isn’t readily available to most.

It’s comparable to hiring a bunch of untrained students to transform your garden, rather than one experienced landscaper with access to the best tools and an unbeatable bank of knowledge. When you work with one recruitment company specifically, they are motivated to do what’s best for you and have the time to put together a fully-formed strategy.


Exclusivity lends itself to quality over speed from the recruiters point of view, and also saves the client time in the sense that they only have one expert recruiter to deal with. Multiple meetings and emails with different firms are unnecessary, wasting the business’ time and money.

More time means more detailed interviews, thorough skills assessments, and deep-dives into experience, attitude, and aptitude. In turn, ensuring the candidate is the right fit avoids further frustration and time wasting in future.


When you’re exclusive to your recruiter, they’re exclusive to you. On the other hand, when you hire multiple recruiters, you run the risk of them presenting good candidates to multiple firms at once. Many of them will be competition… and engaging in a bidding war for talent is never ideal.

In fact, if you want to recruit from direct competitors, an exclusive recruiter has a better chance than multiple contingency ones. It takes time and dedication to reach those candidates – and who is more willing? To hire the best and ensure you have a buffer in place to avoid becoming known as a poacher, using a third-party exclusive recruiter is the only route.

On the topic of competition, one big recruitment myth is that recruiters will work harder when they know they’ve been pitted against each other. This just isn’t true – why would they commit and work harder when you’re effectively telling them they only have a small portion of your commitment?

A sole recruiter lends their full commitment, and it’ll be much easier to form a close relationship with them. This will mean that they can gain a deeper understanding of the requirements of the position and what you’re looking for in hard and soft skills.

Brand Image

Brand image is enhanced and maintained with the exclusive approach. Often, if top talent is approached by multiple agencies for the same job, they may surmise that the company isn’t committed; they may even be put off entirely.

Essentially, exclusivity in recruitment is often the key to unlocking exclusive talent. A firm that excels in head-hunting, networking, and analysing their databases will be dedicated to seeking out the very best for you – and your commitment to the partnership will ensure you see a return on investment that’s well worth it.

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