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Privacy policy


The Company CONCENTRIC RECRUITMENT SERVICES, S.C.P. owns the webpage and WEARECONCENTRIC’s iPhone and Android mobile applications.

C/ Santa Carolina 47, 1st 3rd, 08025 Barcelona.

It complies with the data protection regulations:

Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.
Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December on Personal Data Protection and a guarantee of digital rights (hereinafter “LOPD” for its Spanish Acronym).

Basic information on privacy


Purpose: To enable contact between companies offering jobs and professionals seeking them. It also provides services related to training and job search.

Addressees: Companies offering jobs via, as well as third parties with whom WEARECONCENTRIC establishes agreements in order to offer services to their users.

Rights: All those included in the LOPD.

Which data are we requesting?

Personal data requested from the candidate users who voluntarily wish to enter their CV in the database: name, address, contact telephone number(s), e-mail, education level, profession, are adequate and appropriate and strictly necessary for their purpose, that is, the possibility of establishing contacts between companies offering jobs and professionals requesting them through the IT service offered by WEARECONCENTRIC. Candidate users are considered to be all natural persons wishing to enter the jobsite in order to obtain a job or to change or improve their current one.

User companies that voluntary register at WEARECONCENTRIC in order to enter and manage their job offers are requested to provide such data as name, address, telephone numbers and contact e-mail, Tax Id. Number, and webpage. This data is adequate and appropriate and strictly necessary for their purpose. User companies are considered to be all legal entities, limited companies, or self-employed professionals offering jobs.

Legal authorisation for data processing

By registering, users (companies and candidates) expressly and explicitly agree to the processing of their data. In the case that it arises, they also agree to the transfer of their data to a third party in order to render the service within the current legally established framework.

Candidates who voluntary agree to enter their personal data in the WEARECONCENTRIC database accept having express, precise and explicit knowledge that:

– They are entering their personal data in a database used to provide them with the opportunity of accessing job offers published by companies.

– The obligatory data to be provided is strictly necessary to facilitate the search function in the database by the companies expressly authorized by WEARECONCENTRIC.

– They have permanent access to their personal webpage through their e-mail and password to correct, modify and completely and directly cancel all their data and specific services requested by the users (newsletter, notifications, etc.).

What are my rights regarding my data?

The user is entitled to access their personal data at any time. They are also entitled to request their data to be changed or deleted and to request their data processing to be limited. The user also has the right to oppose the data processing and transfer of their data by using their e-mail or keyword and the password included when registering. They can also contact WEARECONCENTRIC.

Headquarters: CONCENTRIC RECRUITMENT SERVICES, S.C.P., C/ Santa Carolina 47, 1st 3rd, 08025 Barcelona.


As stated, the user has full access to all their rights covered in their own configuration within WEARECONCENTRIC website, which provides an automatic and personal use. For any clarification or in the case of any discrepancy users will be given access to WEARECONCENTRIC technicians or legal services who will provide the appropriate information.

For all those issues that are not expressly covered in this document, WEARECONCENTRIC, will observe the currently valid provisions on personal data protection and Act 34/2002 of 11 July, of Information Society Services and E-Commerce (BOE 12-07-2002).

Data Security

The database where the data is stored belongs to WERECONCENTRIC. WERECONCENTRIC guarantees the necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and integrity of the personal data therein contained, according to valid legislation; bearing in mind the state of technology, the nature of the stored data and the risk to which they are exposed, both from human action or from the physical or natural environment.

The owner of the data is responsible to ensure that the data provided by the system tool is accurate and up to date. Likewise, the owner of the data can completely erase all their data.

If by any means it is demonstrated that the provided data is inaccurate or incomplete, they will be cancelled.

Electronic notifications

Automatic reception of notifications: WEARECONCENTRIC can send candidates the job offers that they deem appropriate.

Automatic reception of Newsletters and Agents: Both candidates and companies may receive information with news and improvements on the offered services and other issues of interest.

Cookies policy

Cookies are small text files that are downloaded onto your computer every time you visit our site. These files contain session data that can be useful further on in the website. They allow your information to be kept while browsing between pages and facilitate the analysis of the interaction with the site.

Cookies are safe: they can only store the information provided by the browser you use, the information entered by yourself in the browser, or the information included in the specific page request. Cookies cannot execute code and cannot be used to access your PC.

Cookies are essential for the Internet to work: they facilitate the provision of interactive services and boost the browsing and usability of the web. They cannot harm your computer in any way and if there is an error, they allow for the error to be identified and fixed.

There are different types of cookies for different functions:

Permanent cookies: they are stored in the hard drive and the webpage reads them every time there is a new visit. Although they are called “permanent”, they have a limited duration. They stop working after a specific date. These cookies help provide the different services offered by the website.

Session cookies: they are temporary. They are not stored in the hard drive but in the cookies file in your browser, and they disappear when leaving the website. They offer useful information to analyse traffic patterns in the web. This analysis offers patterns to improve content and boost usability.

The main cookies we use are:

The necessary cookies because: they help to browse correctly; they allow for the payment of services requested by the user; or help to ensure the correct loading of webpage content. Analytics cookies, these facilitate periodical maintenance and guarantee the best possible service to the user. They collect statistical activity data.

Third party cookies, such as those used by social networks or other complementary external content providers. On some occasions our partners with which we promote may include cookies to measure the efficiency of advertising campaigns.

Either in their configuration or in options, Internet browsers allow cookie use to be opted out of or their use limited. The method to do so varies from one browser to another. The steps to do so can be found in the Help section.

Most of them have the possibility to activate “private” or “incognito” browsers which delete cookies after each visit.

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08025 – Barcelona (Spain)
(+34) 655 787 450 – (+34) 645 423 691
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