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Lack of job satisfaction, poor chance for career progression and the rapid advancement of technology in a fierce and competitive job market are the main reasons why high performing professionals come and talk to us about their career.

Did you know that only 20% of open job vacancies are advertised? To access the rest involves great timing, a bit of luck, and the right connections in your corner. 

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Our Speciality


  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Head of Growth
  • Head of Product
  • Paid Media Director
  • Ecommerce Director
  • Programmatic Manager


  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) | IT Manager | Chief Technology Officer
  • VP of Engineer | Backend Tech Lead | Backend Manager
  • Chief Data Officer | Business Intelligence Manager
  • DevOps Lead | Senior Cloud DevOps | Senior Cloud Architect


  • Chief Sales Officer
  • Senior Sales Manager 
  • Business Development Manager

You’ll love working with us, because:

You’ll be seen and heard > We listen closely, return all your calls, and keep you in the loop.

You’ll be supported > We’ll prepare you for interviews, and guide you through the recruitment process.

You’ll be inspired > We’ll share industry insights and give you useful career advice.

You’ll be valued > Your time is precious, so we’ll only approach you with the right roles.


Why should I use CONCENTRIC for my job search?

It’s in our interest to work with the best candidates on the market - after all, that’s our business model. If that’s you, we’ll work harder than anyone else to make sure you look good.

You’ll benefit from our industry know-how and knowledge of all things recruitment. You’ll get access to the type of employers you can be proud to say you work for, and we’ll help you stand out from the crowd. We can improve your CV, make sure you’re better prepared than you’ve ever been for your interview, give you meaningful feedback, negotiate on your behalf, and you’ll get regular check-ins after you start your new role too.

Does it cost to work with you?

Our services are always free for candidates.

If I’m not successful, will I still receive feedback?

Absolutely, yes. Once you enter a recruitment process with us - we’ll give you feedback every step of the way. 

Will you keep me updated if I’m not looking for a job just yet?

Yes! Not all vacancies are advertised, and as trusted experts with top companies, we always have access to new opportunities that might just be perfect for you. But it all starts with you. Once we get to know you, your situation, and your experience - we’ll be able to update you on suitable opportunities, just as soon as they come up.

What personal data do you share with potential employers?

Only your CV and cover letter are shared, once you’ve engaged with the process and agreed for us to do this. If an opportunity goes further, and a potential employer needs other information, we’ll speak to you and share this only after you’ve given us your consent.

Will I be employed by you or by the client directly?

Our candidates are always employed by our partners directly.

Is your company GDPR-compliant?

Yes, we are. To learn more about how we use and protect your data, please visit our Privacy Terms Disclaimer.

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