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January 31, 2022

War for talent to intensify in 2022 and after

The war for talent is one of the biggest challenges that businesses are facing right now.


The global pandemic has made attracting and retaining talent a greater focus, according to a new study.


Employers have been hitting a brick wall when trying to attract the right people, who are looking for career growth opportunities and social purpose in their jobs.


In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the war for talent, and discuss how employers can secure the right professionals for the job. We'll also look at overcoming shortages in the workplace and how to plan for succession.


Let's get right into it.

How to attract talent to your business


Talent attraction can be defined as the process of getting the right people to apply for jobs in your business. When it comes to talent attraction, there are several factors you should take into consideration:


  1. The company culture
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Career growth opportunities
  4. Company values and goals
  5. Company reputation
  6. Organisational structure
  7. Job requirements.


Employers should focus on attracting digital professionals who are interested in long-term career growth opportunities within their organisations. Having a career path that is communicated well to potential employees will also help companies retain talent.


If the organisation makes it clear what roles are available and how they lead to bigger roles, it will be easier for them to attract digital professionals who want to take on more responsibility.


Talent attraction is an ongoing battle. The winners will be those employers who can communicate to job seekers that they will be able to grow and develop with the company.

Motivation of employees

Employers need to understand what exactly attracts talent to their business culture. What drives them? What made them choose this particular career path in the first place? 


If employees feel like their goals and aspirations align with what your business can offer them, they will be satisfied and stay in their roles for longer.


Employers should challenge employees and allow them to learn something new every day.


They also need to create a work environment that empowers their team members and nurtures their sense of purpose.

How to overcome the talent shortage

Finding top-notch employees is already difficult.


As employers, ensuring that your current staff is neither burnt out, nor suffering from being bored due to tons of meetings, virtual working, and limited interactions is also important.


One of the business challenges right now is balancing the two factors above when considering talent shortage. This means finding the correct workload and amount of tasks that will keep workers motivated, satisfied and productive at the same time.


Overcoming talent shortages can be done by creating a strategy where your workers are provided with opportunities to develop their skills.


This will ensure that they are happy at work and do not need to look elsewhere for new prospects.

Succession planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying, developing, and preparing potential candidates who can take over key leadership roles when the time comes.


Employers should plan for worker attrition and think about how they will replace their current talent if need be.


If you do not have a succession strategy in place, it could be detrimental to your business as you’ll lose key employees. Without having qualified people take over these roles, organisations may get stuck and cannot continue with daily operations.


With that said, workers who show potential and take on extra responsibilities should be recognised for their efforts.


Managing talent is one of the biggest business challenges that employers will face in 2022 and beyond.


It is important to focus on not only attracting top talent but also making everyone satisfied with their environment.


The right plan will help organisations be prepared to attract new talent and retain the current staff members who are already an integral part of the business.


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