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May 26, 2023

The Real Cost Of Unfilled Vacancies

As businesses work tirelessly to balance the books, there’s a hidden expense that often goes unnoticed. The cost of unfilled vacancies. Beyond the financial implications, these vacancies have far-reaching effects on team performance, morale, productivity, and ultimately, the bottom line.

This is particularly poignant at a time where many of those vacancies are intentionally left open in a bid to “wait and see what the economy does next”. Here, we’ll explore the hidden costs of unfilled vacancies and demonstrate how partnering with the right recruiting expert will always be a cost-saving investment for your business.


Less People, Less Profit

When money matters seem straightforward at a glance, it’s always worth taking a moment to consider what you might be missing.

For example, the average time to hire a software engineer might be 43 days. Their annual salary might be £75,000. So while that role goes unfilled, we can calculate cost savings of £15,573. Sounds like a win for companies who find themselves temporarily strapped for cash?

But let’s look a little closer. For your clients, the show must go on, so you should subtract the cost of any contractors, outsourced services, overtime, or delays that can be attributed to this employee’s empty seat.

By using reliable third-party data or specific company figures, the real cost of a vacancy begins to emerge. Spoiler: It won’t be comfortable reading.


Teams Pushed To Their Limits

Unfilled vacancies create a heavy burden for existing team members. When teams feel stretched to their limits, performance begins to suffer. Deadlines are missed, errors slip through the cracks, and clients grow weary and dissatisfied.

But when a company prioritises bringing in talent to ease pressure on workloads, this brings welcome relief. With new skilled team members in place, the workload is distributed more evenly. As team members regain their focus and energy, productivity soars, deadlines are met, with greater accuracy, and clients may even tell you that they’ve noticed the improvement.

This positive change not only has huge potential to benefit your bottom line, but also the engagement and wellbeing of the team. Reduced stress levels lead to higher morale and job satisfaction. As team members feel valued and supported, their motivation and commitment to their work will improve, and employee turnover should fall.

Remember: The cost of employee turnover includes recruitment, onboarding, and training for new hires, along with the loss of institutional knowledge and productivity during the transition period.


Mind The (Productivity) Gap

The effects of an unfilled vacancy can ripple through every aspect of your business. As projects are delayed, deadlines are missed. Important decisions are put on hold, and productivity takes a hit. Opportunities that could have been seized slip through the net, your ability to innovate and maintain a competitive edge is compromised. The lack of expertise becomes a bottleneck.

As a result, productivity stagnates, and the company finds itself falling behind competitors with greater people power.

But when a company recognises that filling vacancies are always urgent from a cost perspective, they can prioritise finding, attracting, and onboarding critical talent by engaging a recruiting partner. In doing so, they gain access to a vast network of talented individuals with the expertise needed to drive the company forward.

Projects that were stalled now move forward with renewed momentum. Decisions are made promptly, enabling the company to respond swiftly to market changes and seize emerging opportunities. The expertise brought in by the new hires enhances the company's capabilities, and fosters innovation and creativity. The company becomes a dynamic force, staying ahead of the curve and maintaining a competitive advantage.


Hiring May Cost Money, But Hiring Costs More Not

The costs associated with unfilled vacancies extend beyond direct financial expenses. They impact team performance, morale, productivity, and hinder your company's growth prospects.

Partnering with a recruiting expert becomes a cost-saving investment that ensures operational continuity, boosts team performance, enhances employee morale, and enables you to seize opportunities within the dynamic marketplaces in which you operate.

By leveraging our expertise to fill those key talent gaps, you can mitigate the hidden costs of unfilled vacancies and propel your business to success, gaining that competitive edge when it matters the most.

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