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June 28, 2021

Are Candidates ‘ghosting’ you? Here’s what to do

We’ve noticed an uptick in the number of business leaders and hiring managers we reporting a certain issue - that they’ve experienced a significant decline in the number of suitable professionals they’re able to attract into their recruitment processes.


To make things worse, there’s a new trend in town that’s causing big problems for organisations looking to enhance and evolve their teams - candidate ghosting.

What is Candidate Ghosting?


In short, it’s when a candidate ‘disappears’ during the recruitment process. They stop replying to emails, don’t answer phone calls or return messages. This is frustrating and disappointing for recruiters in itself, but what some would say is worse is the lack of clarity as to WHY the ghosting has taken place.


A recent Indeed report (March 2021) specified the main reasons for ghosting among candidates as receiving a better job offer in the meantime (20%), being dissatisfied with the salary offered (13%)  and simply deciding the job wasn't the right fit for them after all (15%).


However, if these reasons aren’t communicated to the company, the recruitment team are left scratching their heads, and unsure what steps to take to improve processes and potentially resolve the issue.


The inability to fill the vacancy as a result of a candidate ghosting has a knock-on effect. Inefficiencies caused by open vacancies end up being made greater with this

this inability to fill a role within a set timeframe.

What can you do to prevent being ghosted?


There are several steps you can take to avoid this new trend.


  • Make sure you’re offering a clear and realistic job description, with an appealing and competitive salary package.
  • Remember that communication is key. Encourage open communication and provide regular feedback and updates to candidates.
  • Try a more ‘human’ touch to recruiting. Many parts of the modern recruitment process are partially automated, or rely on generic templates for emails and communications. Adding a personal touch can make a huge difference.
  • Streamline your recruitment process as much as possible, to make it shorter and more engaging for candidates. Don’t give them the chance to receive abn offer from a rival company in the interim!
  • Work on your company brand. If a candidate is impressed by how you brand and present your company, and feels a strong alignment to your values, they’re more likely to stick around.


A great solution is to work with a solid recruitment partner with a track record of identifying, attracting and recruiting hard-to-find professionals. Look for someone specialised in the type of roles you are looking to fill, with a strong understanding of their niche, and a network of candidates they’ve built up over the years.


Armed with these strong connections and networks, your recruitment partner will work as an extension of your HR department, representing your job opportunity and company  brand to the very best to the top professionals in your sector.


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