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March 16, 2021

Proactive Hiring vs Reactive Hiring - Make or Break

In this world, there are both proactive hiring managers and inactive hiring managers - and there’s one big difference between the two.

Imagine that instead of taking your vitamins, you wait until you get ill and then rely on antibiotics. OK, I’m being a tad reductionist here, but you get the picture. Regularly taking the right vitamins makes you healthier overall, and you’re less likely to run into common health issues down the line.

It’s the same with your hiring processes. When looking for high-quality tech talent, for example, waiting until the last minute creates an unhealthy process and a bottleneck. Proactive hiring managers know they should stay ahead of the curve - and do what they can to keep the business healthy by utilizing a continuous strategy rather than a reactive one.

A reactive strategy is arguably no strategy at all.

What I mean by this is that proactive hiring managers ensure they’re seeking the best recruiters in their industry and are searching for the best talent out there even BEFORE they have a need to. On the other hand, reactive and inactive hiring managers take a different approach. Yep, you guessed it… they wait for someone to hand in their notice or wait for a vacancy - and only then do they start looking.

So it’s a mad rush from the get-go! And inevitably, they are left with low-quality candidates or recruiters that don’t understand their business and objectives - all because they need a candidate urgently.

When looking for digital talent, the proactive hiring managers will always have a full team of top performers that guarantee predictable and consistent results in their business. Having the best recruiters on board makes all the difference, as they’ll be on the lookout for the best talent the industry has to offer. This also reduces the possibility of having to engage in bidding wars with other companies (always best avoided).

Proactive recruitment streamlines the hiring process, especially if you’ve already screened potential candidates. It also means that - through your networking and employer branding - candidates in your network have more time to get to know your business, resulting in a better fit. I don’t need to explain why a better fit benefits business!

To integrate proactive hiring into your processes and reach your objectives faster, a fantastic place to start is by seeking out the best recruitment partner or advisor to act as your eyes and ears. They’ll be closely involved in the market and have access to pools of talent you can’t find on job boards - talent that’s best-in-class. These talent resources are invaluable because they’ll often include those candidates that aren’t actively seeking on job boards but would be an excellent fit for your business and potentially just need the nudge to start working for a great company like yours!

A recruitment partner will also help to bolster your entire recruitment process, strengthening your employer branding and your application process so that you don’t miss out on potentially great candidates.

By now it should be pretty obvious which type of hiring manager is going to have a more successful business!

Which one are you?

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