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March 16, 2021

Getting the results you want from your recruitment agency

Something I hear quite often from Business Leaders I speak to (CEOs, Managing Directors, Chief Marketing Officers, HR Directors, etc…) is that they are quite frustrated by the level of service they receive from their recruitment agencies.

One of the main frustrations (among many others) come from the fact that they have the feeling that little work and/or preparation is done when these agencies work on their vacancies.

They have the feeling that their search for their vacancy has been rushed and poorly worked on.

When they do receive some candidates (most of them do not actually hear back from their recruitment agencies at all…) they are receiving the same candidates they already have on their own database, candidates they could get themselves by posting on job boards or receive candidates that are poorly screened, poorly prepared, with little understanding of the company and the role and with little or no motivation when they arrive at the interview.

This usually results in their recruitment processes being delayed leading to more frustration, stress and several inefficiencies impacting their overall operations (projects not being delivered on time, a reduce quality of service or product delivered, their current teams having to put up with more work for a longer period than initially expected and effecting staff morale).

This is mostly due to the fact that when hiring managers decide to work with multiple recruitment agencies to cover their vacancies, only the recruitment agency that finds the successful candidate will get paid. While the other agencies that might have worked on the same vacancy but were not able to cover it fast enough will not get compensated at all.

This is the contingency model (no win no fee basis).

The client company is then asking several agencies to compete against one another and therefore encouraging them to prioritise speed over quality. And this is what they get: Recruitment processes that are rushed, poorly worked and receiving a reduced quality of candidates shortlisted that are barely screened and prepared.

On the top of that they are missing out on the top performing professionals they truly need for their business to grow and thrive.

And the worst part is that when candidates receive several calls from several different agencies about the same job opportunity for that same client company, it creates a poor image of the potential employer and rise concerns in the candidates perspective, decreasing the value of the employer brand.

What these business leaders should do instead is to work with one strong recruitment agency on an exclusive basis and BEFORE they actually have a need to recruit. This way the recruitment agency can take the time to conduct a proper search, screen candidates efficiently and get the best candidates possible for their clients, ensuring that they map out all the best performers that could add value to their clients.

If you’ve ever experienced this and you want to get the top performing Tech & Digital talents, you need to select a recruitment partner working with you on an exclusive basis that takes the time to understand your unique situation and challenges and with a specialist knowledge and experience on your market.

This way your recruitment partner could act as your eyes and ears on the candidate market and help you make the best decision when it come to hiring for your teams.

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